About Us

Through years of experience we have discovered that it takes a lot of time to develop marketing websites to promote non-profit fundraisers. That's why developed our two websites BGCgolf.club and BGC.events. We do all the heavy lifting of developing the necessary forms, brochures, marketing materials, etc. for your Club. Simply direct your participates to your custom designed website information and they can sign up to play in your golf tournament, purchase a ticket for a banquet or sign up their baseball team and so much more. 

As a non-profit we know you are on a limited budget that is why our service fees are kept to a minimum.

Why Us?

We have years of experience of working with non-profits and we understand that providing more of your services in the communities you serve is why your Clubs were established. That's why were here to help you have more time in developing relationships with sponsors, donors, etc. instead of working on developing forms, marketing materials and other required information necessary to host your event. Any information you provide to us that needs to be kept confidential will remain so before, during and after your event.

Please contact us to learn more about services. Info@BGC.events or call 855-538-2595


We are not affiliated or associated with the Boys and Girls Clubs of America. Our services are provided to independent to Boys and Girls Clubs located in throughout the United States.