Virtual Events

Expand your fundraising efforts by adding virtual events to your tool kit.  By extending the reach to the non-athletic or geographically distant fans gives you a new market.  You can also have the virtual attendees  pair up with the physical for physical events.  The virtual events also expands sponsorship opportunities.  A company could underwrite the cost of the participation metals or sponsor the metal's ribbons with their logo.

We can assist with setting up the participant registration and payment.  We can also provide metals, ribbons and logistical support for mailing the metals if pickup is not an option.

Think about it you could have a virtual sleep in for your club or a K9 3K Walk.  It gives people a chance to participate in fun events on their terms. 


Have you developed a brochure for your upcoming sports events? If you have we an post on this site so that you promote to your attendees or sponsors. Don't have a brochure? No problem we can develop that for you. Contact us for more information at or calll 855-538-2595.